Dark Odds is out on iOS!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! You can now download Dark Odds on iOS, using the links.

Get Dark Odds on App Store

An Android version is also arriving soon, and we’ll let you know about it soon as it’s ready.

What’s new?

The story has been polished and enriched with entirely new story arcs, some of which are thrilling, and others which lead to humorous, albeit somewhat absurd encounters.

The game is more fun to play than ever and has a smoother narrative experience, as we polished the base mechanic and removed bugs and crashes that showed up along the way. It should now work great across devices, and be easy and intuitive to play (fingers crossed!).

A sneak peak at the new gameplay is available here:

If you play the game and you have any feedback for us, or any ideas on what we could do better, let us know.