About Dark Odds - Game Design Team

Our Approach

Why we made Dark Odds

Our work together is meant to create exciting, addictive stories you can play through, instead of just read or watch. Much like a binge-worthy TV series keeps you on the edge of your seat, we work to bring you stories you can immerse yourself in, and determine the course of, through your own decisions.

Our Story

Is it a studio? Is it a game?

It's both. Dark Odds was the working title of our first game, but we kind of liked it so it's now both the main title for said game and our studio name. There you go...

Meet the Dark Odds Founding Team

We cofounded Dark Odds together as a team of 3 after having worked together for years on other projects in mobile gaming and publishing. Together we have 30+ years of combined gaming and software development experience.

Dark Odds Illustrator


Illustration & UI

+10 yrs of 2D illustration and visual game design

Dark Odds Producer & Game Designer


Producer & Game Designer

+10 yrs of product management in tech & gaming, published author

Dark Odds Game Developer


Game Developer & Architect

+8 yrs of software development for high scale, low latency systems


If you want to always get your hands on the latest stories and features in Dark Odds, join our tester program now and we'll keep you up to date with our latest builds, give you exclusive support, and deliver on your feedback and ideas with extra TLC.